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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  October 19, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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why today offered a mix of reflection and hope. hours from now a heavily traveled bridge shuts down. the lane closures already underway. it is only mid-october. so, why are stanford and cal y? how big time college football is impacting the big game. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is friday october 19th, i'm gasia mikaelian, this is bay area news at 7:00. happening now, crews are getting ready to close the san mateo bridge. caltrans is closing the bridge this weekend and next so it can complete seismoretrofit work. the crews closed the far right lane to bring in heavy equipment. during the closure they plan to replace 60 feet of the bridge
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deck. >> during the crane -- there will be a crane with 600tonst. it is a big crane. tell pick up the objection sections of the bridge deck and swinging them out of the way and picking up the new sections and dropping them in. >> some commuters say they will take the dunbar bridge and others say they plan to avoid crossing the bay all together. it comes on big game weekend. cal and stanford duke it out for the axe tomorrow. a rivalry that dates back to 1892. this year the big game is played earlier than usual. paul chambers is live at uc berkeley, why a long tradition is being abandoned, paul? >> reporter: two hours from now they are having a pep rally here. they are preparing behind me. they will have fireworks. all taking place at edwards stadium. tomorrow is the big game. a few changes this year, some saying the value of tradition no longer exists. >> reporter: the waters and
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fountains are dyed red. it is that time of the year. >> the ball is still loose as they get it to rogers. >> reporter: it has been 30 years since the big play and both sides argue about the outcome. a tradition of swords, one tradition is being broken. the game is usually played in november. >> it takes away from the tradition of building up to it at the end of the year. >> an adjustment, it is a little weird both universities wanting it to stay in november but pac-12 reject today because of scheduling issues. stanford fansville to get up early because one option of getting to the game will be shutdown. >> they did not schedule the bridge closures the right weekend it this year. there will be obviously a lot of traffic going back and forth to berk he. >> reporter: the trek will be well worth it if they get to keep the axe. >> cal fans say not to fast. >> it is my birthday tomorrow. half celebration birthday and cal because we are going to win. >> and i wear it for the whole
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week. yeah. >> have you washed it? >> uh ... no. actually. [ laughter ] >> reporter: they get the win it will be a new tradition from him. one thing not happening the bonfire was canceled because of a schedule conflict. however, this is good news, the next two football seasons the game will be back in november, back to you. a good samaritan is recovering after being stabbed in the neck about scissors on a muni bus t. happened at 3:30 near market and hayes. muni officials say a passenger was harassing a driver when another driver attempted to intersraoepb and was stabbed with scissors -- intersraoepb intervene and was stabbed with scissors. a judge in martinez sentenced 22-year-older tegga to 32 years behind bars. prosecutors say he was theince
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gator of the two hour assault -- the instigator of the rape in 2008. >> mr. ortega wants the court, his family and the victim to know he is sorry for what happened. >> we weighed the need to, you know, for justice in this case with the, you know, the needs and sensitivities to the victim in this case and what she would have to go through if she had to testify. >> reporter: the five other defendants are scheduled to be in court next week. today is the 16th birthday for sierra lamar. her family is determined to make it a day of optimism and hope. >> reporter: cheerleaders and students huddling together during homecoming week is a common scene at washington high school these days but this group is wearing more than school colors, they are wearing
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t-shirts celebrating sierra lamar's 16th birthday. she grew up in fremont before her family moved to morgan hill late last year. she disappeared march 16th. torres was arrested and charged with murder. though no body has been found. >> she was looking forward to her 16th birthday. it is not fair that somebody got to take it away. she did not get to excerpts it with us. i tonight to be like she is still here. >> homecoming week brings up a lot of memories because we cheered freshman together. she was a cheerleader, really into it. >> reporter: people involved in the search efforts started a social media campaign to acknowledge sierra's birthday and to generate more information about her case and other missing person cases. >> i believe that we should all just put pictures up of sierra today for her birthday or any day that we can and any missing children, you know, every missing child deserves a voice. we can all be that voice. >> reporter: her father says all the birthday attention generates conflicting feelings.
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>> it makes us happy and makes us sad. mixed emotions but we are really happy that people are doing that. >> reporter: the homecoming game is tomorrow night. during the day many of sierra's friends and family members will be in the morgan hill for the weekly ongoing search effort. back to you. in the east bay, hundreds of mourners packed into saint patrick's church for the funeral of suzie cohe. the mother of four was stabbed to death. everyone was asked to pray for an end of all violence and hatred. the police arrested a prison escapee and his wife, tonya, in seattle. they were on the run and stole her car to get away. the police say minor infraction led to a chase, crash, and shooting this morning. the police say it was about 2:00 a.m. when the officers tried to pull over this cadillac for a broken license plate. the police say the driver
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refused to stop and then someone inside fired at officers. no officers were hurt. minutes later the car collided with a taxicab. the cab driver suffered a minor injury to his hand. >> i am thankful. just the fact that nobody else was seriously hurt given all of the things that could of gone wrong. i thank you is pretty good. >> the two men in the cadillac ran off. the passenger was caught and taken into custody but the driver got away. >> firefighters made a quick work of the fire burning. the 29 fire is now 60% contaped and expected to be fully contained by tomorrow. the blaze erupted yesterday afternoon near the community of lower lake in lake county. the officials say the flames charred 300 acres, destroyed one structure and eleven welcomes, a portion of highway 29 was closed for a time but is, again, open to traffic [bell ringing ] two firefighters were remembered today at the state capitol. hundreds gathered for the ceremony at the firefighters
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memorial. honoring those who died this year from injuries they received in the line of duty or job-related saws. among those honored were william west of apt kwrobg and alameda county firefighter franks, from livermore. they both died in june from cancer. they are among 38 california firefighters that passed away this yearism the stock market suffered the worst day. the dow fell 205 points today. nasdaq lost skefrpb closing above 3,000. disappointing earnings from a number of companies led to the decline. 25 yearsa ago today wall street saw a steeper drop. black monday. the dow fell 508 points losing 22% are of the market value. historians say the crash came after a sell off triggered by an increase in interest rates.
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new numbers from sacramento shows california jobless rate saw the largest drop in 36 years. the state jobless rate fell to 10.2. down from 10.6 the previous month. the september number is a full point and a half improvement from the 11 .7% this time one -- 11.7% this time one year ago. marin county has the lowest jobless rate. none of the bay area counties near double digits. salono is the only county above 9% at 9 passport . --9.3 in september. a job fair took place today. people with specialized skills in ship building and service trade were in high demand. a seminar for employees of the solarcompany that went pwrafrpbg rupt. >> i am trying to get into the
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medical device field. i think it is -- bankrupt. >> i am trying to get into the medical device field. i think it is not going to be able to be shipped out. the financially troubled claire month hot skpel spa in berkeley is headed to the auction block. the san francisco business times reports it could be up for auction november 8th. it is embroiled in a bankruptcy proceeding,. the historic 279 resort is two years shy of the 100th birthday. the carpenter owner bought it and four other -- the owner bout it and four others two years ago. >> it gets complicated. you expect kids to remember their phone number and it gets worse. and pretty soon, you will have to dial 50 numbers. >> people in will have to dial 1 plus the area code plus the number even for a local call. that is because a new area
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code, 669 is introduced. but cell phones and technology the far away numbers are almost used up. the numbers will be assigned to the 669 code next year. >> you are looking at $200. >> secret cameras capture a shady operation. details on a sting and a consumer warning for homeowners. our high school football game of the week takes us to concord. the minute men taking on their arch rival, the clayton valley eagles, highlights, next. a major cool down today across most of the bay area. coming up, how much more cooling you can expect this weekend and when rain chances have been added to our forecast
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dozens of people camped out to draw attention to poverty. they are encouraging residents to vote yes on measure d. students were among those who helped get the measure on the ballot. it will raise prices for everyone and for businesses to cut jobs, are what opponents say. a string gets dozens of arrests and as a warning for people looking to get work done on their home. when it comes to hiring an unlicense contractor it is buyer be aware. you. >> are looking at $700 with tax. >> for the paint? >> reporter: this man was just one of almost 100 people across the state including 14 in union city caught up in a sting this week by the contractor state
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license board. >> we are running a sting. >> it is a sting. >> do you have any identification on you at all? >> reporter: investigators the 92 people arrested may face one or more misdemeanor charges for contracting without a license, illegal advertising and requesting an excessive down payment. the contractor board says these people put homeowners at serious risk if a worker is injured on their property. >> and if you hire someone who is not licensed you don't know what kind of job they were going to do. >> scam was not going through my head. charming and maybe -- maybe i can get the house painted, you know. >> reporter: a retired teacher paid $4400 to wilson to participate her house. instead of a nice new look she says she was ripped off. shoty work, the job half done and the feeling she should of known better. >> stupid. i mean stupid. hello. >> reporter: but the contractor state license board says wilson is get at getting people to trust him but bad at
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doing the job. he has several warrants out for his arrest. >> check him out first. -- check them out first, google them. >> the contractor state license board has recommendations including checking references, getting three bids and a written contract. in oakland, matt keller, ktvu channel 2 news. a little fog could not overshadow the equipment for a new facility at the berkeley national laboratory. dozens attended the ground breaking of the joint center. researchers will use the new 40,000 square foot lab to find the fuels from sunlight. the 54 million project is expected to be complete in $54 million project is expected to completed in 2015. banana boat is recalling sunscreen. people are receiving burps when using a sunscreen. the spay is larger than normal so it takes longer to dry f.
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they are near a fire or spark it can catch fire on their skin. the company recommends people stop using the product fist they have them at home. a review of 1,000 fertility studies find women are just as likely getting pregnant using frozen eggs than fresh ones. the practice of using frozen eggs is no longer considered experimental. it may push insurers to cover the cost. today the nhl canceled the third week of the hongi season as -- hockey season as the lockouts continue. the national hockey league turned down three proposals from the players during meetings yesterday. the player's union and the league are at odds. the league wants to knock their share down to 50/50. the league says the two sides will have to reach a deal by next thursday to salvage the season. tonight's high school game of the week takes us to the
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east bay. that is where concord high school is taking on clayton valley. we are live to explain why this game is crushial for both teams, right, fred? >> reporter: yes, gasia. this is homecoming week for the team. the team in the dark jerseys are going up against their rival. the eagles. team 6-1. i get a feeling it should be a battle of running back. had is averaging 229 yards rushing for clayton valley eagles. average, 55 points a game. concord, 40 points a game. and last year, number twroá, thompson, said northern california record was set with 3,488 yards rushing and 34 touchdowns. aledo is committed to washington state. >> aledo is a special talent and running back. you know, after the game he had last week, running behind his pads, you know, we replaced so
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many starters up front. it has taken longer to gel up front than i i want today to but it is good. >> the numbers sound like computer numberses. a great job, a character kid, a leader. he has gotten in the weight room and he is hitting it hard. that has paid off. he respects it. thafl the battle. not much credit. they will do it for you. he has done a good job in the second and the third levels. a good football team we are playing tonight. this is -- for my kids this is one ever the first times they have been on the big stage. they have to be ready for that. taking you back. leading 7-0. he just ran for a 50 yard touchdown for the eagles. so, they are leading right now, 7-0. highlights at 10:00
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tonight. back to you. hollywood heartthrob justin timberlake and jessica biel are now husband and wife. the ceremony was beautiful and great to be married. the location and details were kept secret even to the guests until the very last minute. jessica is 30 gotten gauged to timberlake in december. the two have been dating for five years. a lawyer for britney spears family said in court today her break up with timberlake was to blame for her meltdown. her former manager is suing spears and her family for breech of contract and 15% of her upperrings during 2007 and 2008. in the los angeles county court today he said amfedimen use was well documented. getting a lot of love, the message, hardy swimmers hope to deliver it while braving bay area watersism fall weather is
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tkpaoeupbly finally on itsway.
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swimmers went womenning in the bay waters, the swimming with shark -- went swimming in
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the bay waters, the swimmers, swimming with sharks, went to alcatraz and back. one third of open ocean sharks are threatened with extinction. our meteorologist mark tomayo is here, we talked about changes today. >> yes. a big drop off in the temperatures. the neighborhoods cooled off 10 tow 20 degrees from yesterday's highs. we have bigger changes, just in time for your weekend and beyond. here you can pick out on storm tracker 2, clouds, up to the forth. once you get low clouds and fog filtering back into the bay. with that, waking up to overcast first thing saturday morning. as far as temperatures, san francisco, maxed out 85 degrees today. only in the upper 60s. a lot of 70s on the board for santa rosa, napa, livermore in the upper 70s at 78. forecast headlines for tonight. low clouds, favoring the coast, the bay, major cooling this
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weekend. sun/cloud mix. the rain return and the weather with stick around. overnight low, saturday morning, upper 40s with the 50s with partly to mostly cloudy skies. if you can not pick it out here is our forecast model showing you this. increase in the overcast, first thing saturday morning and in the afternoon hours, skies are partly sunny. yellow contour in the 70s, warmest locations, inland, on track, to reach the middle to upper 70s. key headlines, cooler weekend, more rainfall next week as the storm system moves in. the first of a series of systems moves in by sunday night and into monday. the first storm moves in monday, favoring the northern half of the region, really going to the south and beyond. we could be tracking more shower chances as well. tomorrow -rpgs not a lot happening, -- tomorrow, not a lot happening, cooler temperatures, a few sprinkles by sunday night. here wid are with the monday morning commute. 7:00, then, lingering rain
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showers into the afternoon hours. this is different. a winter storm watch. kicking in sunday evening. it could be on the order of 6- 12 inches, things are changing across northern california over the next few days. 60s and 70s across the board for tomorrow. tomorrow, it will be the warmest day of the weekend. sanfrancisco, right around 65, daley city, 63 degrees. >> here is a look ahead, your five-day forecast, more clouds, sunday, cooler temperatures, rainfall likely by monday morning, gasia? >> thank you, mark. it ain't over until it is over. that is what san francisco giant fans are thinking about. they are gathering to watch game paoáeuf of the best -- best of 7. right now the score is 4-0 giants in the 8th inning. ktvu channel 2 is your source
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of post game coverage and a wrap up on the 10:00 news. thank you for trusting ktvu channel woá news. we will see you next time news breaks. i'm gasia mikaelian, our coverage continues with the 10:00 news, a filmmaker explores a life or death drama inside of the er of a bay area hospital. we are always here for you at "tmz" is up next here on tv36
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